DWV handy man special

Today’s inspection :

I geuss this handy man thinks water flows uphill :slight_smile:

PICT0461 (Small).JPG

Notice that all the piping is well supported.

Did a small remote (90 miles drive 1 way) 8 year old owner-built house on concrete piers on Thursday. The land parcel is 40 acres…all for $60 grand!!

(1) The local “certified” building inspector should be milking cows!

(2) Recommended that both supply and DWV systems be substantially replaced. (Lucky that the purchaser has a licensed plumber for brother-in-law!)

The worst part was a kitchen sink with an S-trap. Guess what…it was vented… but from above the trap (therefore no water seal to prevent entry of septic gases in certain wind conditions) into the wall and connecting to the roof vent stack…which by the way had been added to and was now 5.5’ tall!!! This tall outside stack was an attempt to create a stronger stack draw so gases would not come in through the sink drain when winds/other conditions created negative pressures in the kitchen area.

This owner-builder should also be milking cows!!!

This is the second time in my career I have seen/dealt with this configuration and intermittent sewer gas problem at the kitchen sink…and, of course, both were homeowner installed systems. The first one was the homeowner-installer calling from 230+ miles away!! Was able to diagnose and give recommendation on the phone. My recommendation was to call a licensed plumber so he could determine/fix whatever else the caller had screwed up!!!

I believe they call that an ’ in line trap’

Todays round of Jepardy

A device used for determining or adjusting something to a horizontal surface

What is a level?

Level yes 200 points.

where those poly water lines? and who’s insulting dairy farmers?

Yeah!! Maybe milking cows is way too good a comparison; maybe they should only be allowed to take care of the other stuff at the rear of the cow.

BTW: I took care of a small dairy herd of 36 Holsteins for 1 year to make money to get back to university. Only got Sunday evening off from milking!

Yup, polybutylene through out :wink: