E and O insurance w/ Lloyds of London....??

Hi Everyone,
If you are a DDN draw inspector, Diversified Insurance services is giving E and O insurance discounts w/ General Liability…

My quote was $2,600 -

With a $1,500 deductible.

1,000,000 / 2,000,000 coverages… coverage covers E and O / General Liability, is included and all claims-made… Industrial, Commercial, residential, draw inspections, FHA, are all covered… I am sure there are some exclusions, always is!

Coverage is bound by Lloyds of London… anyone have good/bad experiences with them??? They are an A rated Syndicate… I guess its pooled funds, or whatever.

If you want the contact, info. I will forward it, otherwise if you know about this program, let me know your thoughts!


My E&O is up in March and I am considering this coverage. Saves me about $1600 a year and looks identical to what I have now.

Keith or anyone else. My company, Citadel Insurance Services, has taken over for Diversified on the program. (We actually created it in the first place).

Even though DDN has closed its doors, we still offer the program and have been saving inspectors everywhere a great policy at a signicant savings.

Email or call me today for your own personalized quote, or answers to your questions.

Ryan Osborne