E and O insurance

Does anyone know how long Pennsylvania requires you to carry tail insurance after you stop Inspections?
I’ve been told one year. My insurance company is pushing three years paid upfront!

Scott, the state does not have any requirement that I’m aware of, I certainly would double check with them. With that said, yes TAIL coverage is paid in full up front so I’m guessing 3 years is about $5,000 ??? It is good business to take on TAIL coverage, but what does your PIA say?? I always recommend that you state no claims can be made after 1 year, this way if you take a 1 year TAIL policy you are covered for your PIA. This does not mean someone can not come after you at day one after that year, but I feel you have at least provided a reasonable protection for your client and yourself within the PIA if you have to go to court to defend yourself.