E&H Inspection (?)

A friend of mine recently had a 4 point inspection done on their home. Apparently the insurance company they would like to use is asking for an E&H inspection. I have never heard of it before, nor have I been able to find out anything about it online. Does anybody know what they’re asking for?

Here’s the insurance agent’s description: “This is where the wiring, heating, plumbing and the roof are inspected to ensure they are up to code. It is like a 4 point inspection but more thorough than a 4 point inspection, it is called and E&H inspection or Electrical and Home inspection.”

The 4 point checks out, so I’m confused as to what more the insurance company is asking for.

My guess is that they want a complete home inspection. But if they want a “code” inspection, that’s beyond the scope of a home inspection.

Ask him if he has a from to fill out?

I don’t know much about that type of this inspection. Here is a link to a website for Electrical Home Inspection

Hope this helps:D

I asked them for specifics and if they did have a form to fill out. I have a feeling the general agent doesn’t know what they really need. Currently waiting to see what they say…

Thanks for the replies!

Submit either a Tower Hill or a Citizens form and that will do all that is needed.

Some cities, Miramar in particular, have someone from code enforcement and “look around” the property. If they find a newer a/c, the check their records to see if a permit was pulled. We had a house recently that had problems because the kitchen and bathrooms were redone…with no permits.

I just did a home in Miramar yesterday. Enclosed garage with no permit and an added half bathroom, Florida room with no permit, and utility shed with no permit. Where are those ‘code officials’ when I need them

Most often that is the case.

What this typically means is that they want a full home inspection but expect it to cost the same as a 4pt. Inspection or $50. Whichever is less

They will come out later, prior to the sale.
I have an email in to the Realtor who told me about it as well as the city.

Bill, I was told by the Realtor that when the lien search is done by the title company, that triggers the inspection request.