E-mail for Florida Legislation

I found out that you can try to speak to Gov Crist by e-mailing his scheduler and attempting to set up a phone call or personal meeting. When I called the person I spoke to, an assistant to Gov Crist said that I was the first person to call on this new bill. We need to flood the e-mails with concerns that get read. I think if we e-mail the person that sets his appointments we have some kind of a shot at another veto like Bush did last year. The e-mail is:
I cannot think of a better way to get heard than to overwhelm the person that schedules the governor’s appointments. I will be affected if this bill passes. I could use all of the support possible. Lets do this!!

Is this open to out of state callers, as well? This bill will affect the cost of buying a home in Florida…no matter who buys it. I’d love to hlep.

I am not sure but I think as many inspectors throughout the country should chime in because all of us know how hard we have to work to earn the right to inspect homes. Only a real hard working person would ever choose this profession nowadays. Getting business is a challenge and this is no cake walk. People need to know that a lot of honest hard working people are going to affected if this bill passes. Help should come from everyone in this industry.

Then I would appeal to every member of this association that opposes the socialization of our industry to help our Florida inspectors maintain their control over their businesses. Make the call…send the email…and print the results on this thread.

These guys have been successfully fighting off these efforts for 15 years. Let’s help them do it, again.

Nice find Paul, and thank you to all that support our efforts. Lets get our voices heard.

Paul what is the phone number you called?

What is the actual bill# so we all sound professional on this incredibly important matter!

Sb 2234