E-mail from agent

Just received this email from an agent we do not often see…nice feedback and a nice referral.

"Hi Mark.

Xxxx Xxxxxx Here.

you did an inspection on one of my listings a couple weeks ago. X xxxxx Ave in Windham. You found stuff that previous inspector did not on the same house previous week…and all valid, much to my and my seller’s chagrin. No problem.

I have a client who is buying a lake front home up in Franklin NH. I referred him to you because of your thoroughness and delivery. I don’t know if you cover that area…but I assumed you do. is an hour away. if not perhaps you can suggest to him one that you have respect for in that area who is as thorough and complete as you and matt are."


Congratulations! Great response!
If you do not do the “Lakes region” Peter Russell is an outstanding InterNachi inspector who lives in the area.

Once again, congratulations on a job well done!:nachi:

Nice and surprising the Agent has a great attitude

Who is Peter Russel? :mrgreen:

Thank you Frank; I know Peter and have sent people his way before. I am sure Peter will notice this thread and comment as well.

Ya, like what the hell are you doing in my territory!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to hear you were not being the deal killer, but a good inspector (in their eyes). Glad to hear a win for the good guys.

Hey Peter, Just trying to see the wonderful lakefront mansions and wealthy people you usually work with. Throw me a bone every once in a while.:mrgreen:

In Franklin? Boy are you in for a surprise LOL.

That’s OK Mark, Tomorrow I’m heading down to see how you flatlanders work.
I have an inspection in Derry. Special favor for one of my regular agents, she has a client moving to that area. Looks like a decent house, 2100 SQR FT with well and septic.

Peter…now your taking my business! You’re probably already on the road…but if you get this I’ll buy you lunch if you have time.

Thanks Mark but I’ll have to make it another time. I have an inspection in Gilford first then off to Derry in the PM, long day!!!

Good for you

Nice stuff Mark. Those kind of letters and feedback is what puts a nice big smile on a face and gives that warm and fuzzy all over feeling… Way to go bro.



I thought I was going to get in trouble for exposing some improper electrical by one Real Estate Agent. Turns out that after my Client walked she called the ESA to report the issue herself.
Many Real Estate Agents do not fall into the same category to sell at all cost, especially when it involves safety.

Great job! Looks like you’ve got a new realtor!