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Has anyone had much experience with the E newsletter? How do you set it up with your info inserted and how often does it go out? New to NACHI.

I do an E-newsletter. It is basically a webpage that gets emailed. You can see a sample here http://www.paccrestinspections.com/articles/Newsletter03_06/template_realtor.html

We create the newsletter in Frontpage and use a service called www.getbacon.com to email it. Its pretty inexpensive $9.95 for upto 500 names. One of the nice features of Get Bacon is that you can get reports that shows who opens the newslettter and when they open it.

I have been doing e-newsletters for two years and unfortunately only 25% of the receipients actually open it and far fewer actually read the full articles. Quite frankly I think one is better off using e-newsletters for past customers and printing paper newsletters for realtors.


Check with NACHI member John Onofrey (Grail Marketing) and take a look at his Homehints Enews. Fully personalized to your info and very professional.

Thanks David,

NACHI members get a month free at this special sign up page: http://www.homehintsenews.com/dbpage.asp?page_name=signup_nachi

Info on the service can be found at our web site: www.homehintsenews.com

Our basic service provides for up to 2500 email addresses, we write the content so you don’t have to.

I have John’s and every one loves it I would have to say the best thing I have done very happy glad I did it . I have about 800 names and slowly working my way up. If you wish to see mine send me email and I will forward my copy so you get ideas .
Roycooke@sympatico.ca Mention NACHI and Hints

I can’t say enough about John’s enewsletter. It has been worth every penny it cost me. I have gotten more business because of it and find more ways to use it everyday. Thank you again John!!!


Anybody ever tried to contact them?? We’ve gone to the ehintnews or whatever site several times and tried to use the “Contact Us” link to email them questions but it always gives us som e type of message sayings its undeliverable. We thhough maybe he wasn’t in business anymore.

Try this address. john.onofrey@texasinspectors…

I have had no trouble .
When I need help he is quick to reply and give me information .
Roy Sr.

We (unknowingly) created a problem with our “contact us” form delivery when we made some recent server changes.

Thanks for letting me know. It’s fixed now.

Since I started using John’s newsletter my business has increased significantly. Using Dec as a baseline then revenues have increased, on a month to month basis, 32%, 48%, 18%, -23% (tax time, ouch!), and 29%. If just comparing to Dec then revenue increased 32%, 95%, 130%, 79%, 130%. How much can be contributed to the newsletter and how much is from simply time of year I don’t know but I’m not complaining. It is, by far, the best use of my marketing dollar to date.

Johns News Letter is the best money I have sent a Vendor so far, most excellent.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Can’t say enough good about it.
For the price of one inspection for a year (12 times up to 2500 email hits), it’s the best bang for the buck possible - and, I get great feedback from clients and agents.

We tried setting up the enewsletter on Johns site twice with no luck. He said you could pay by echeck (we don’t use credit cards), but the site kept trying to get a credit card - never gave us an option to give it a check.

Anybody got any feedback or thoughts on this??

I paid with paypal Dan, it is tied to my business checking account, pretty easy to set up.

I also did that BK2…actually my PayPal Debit card was full at the time…and now it is empty and it automatically its my checking account :slight_smile:

Send an e-mail to John at john@homehintsenews.com , he will help you correct your problem immediately. I’d wait a day or so because the June newsletter is going out today so he may be busy helping other folks with getting their subscriber names input, profile done just right, etc. I’ve been using the newsletter since January with Zero problems.


I sent this response to you last night:

*As far as I know, you don’t need a credit card to set up a PayPal account.
I believe they can also draw using bank accounts. I use PayPal everyday to
receive payments from out of state home buyers, then I transfer the money directly into my bank account If I needed money in my PayPal acocunt I could transfer money from my bank account into my PayPal account.

You can find out more information about setting up a PayPal account at their website here: *www.paypal.com](http://www.paypal.com)

*If you establish an account, contact me and I’ll make sure your Newsletter
account is ready to use.
Since you do not use credit cards you may have to set up your PayPal account through PayPal using your bank information. After that is established, contact me and I will make sure your newsletter account is working and in sync with a PayPal subscription. The process of setting up a subscription with my service through PayPal, via my website may require credit card information but I think you should be able to establish a stand alone PayPal with bank information.

You only need credit cards with Paypal to be verified or have a merchant account I think.

My News letter received at 2:45 . two replies from my clients in less the 2 hours . Roy sr.

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From: patricia
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Subject: Re: Storm Warning - Check Your Garage Doors

Thanks for the great information. Appreciate it. Pat &^^^(((*

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Hi Roy,

I’m not sure if you remember me but my name is Jennifer &)(*
from Re/Max &)(
)_ Ltd. You did a home inspection for a client of mine ((&)()&(_)on the (^(^^()(*&St condo).

I just wanted to thank you for your email. It came at just the right time. I was just discussing foundations with another agent and I was able to link into www.toolbase.org (in the “Chip off the Ol block” article) and I easily found some very useful information with regards to pressure treated wood foundations.

Thanks for the very useful and easy to find information!

Keep up the great work!


Jennifer )(**))+_(+
Sales Representative
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From: Roys Home Inspection
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Subject: Storm Warning - Check Your Garage Doors

Roy Cooke sr Royshomeinspection.com


I thought it was a very good newsletter also. Very informative.