E & O and getting sued

Question here from a soon to be new inspector. Regarding E & O insurance - do any of you home inspectors feel that a link exists between having E & O insurance and being sued by clients for something they say you missed in the inspection?

In a previous career, I never had insurance against claims or mistakes but after many years, decided to get it. Soon after I got it, I began getting claims against me. Nothing changed except I had liability insurance.

So I’m sure everyone understands my question: is having E & O insurance setting myself up for claims of negligence or mistakes or missed items on a home inspection? Can you inspect without it (dare you?)

Thank you

Walter, you will find this to be a hot topic. Once you become a certified InterNACHI member, I suggest posting this question in the Legal section of the members-only forum. You will get better answers there. Good luck on your new business!

James - is the legal section just available for full members?

Walter, it depends on whether or not you have something of value to lose, IMO.

I carried 1 mil E&O/ 1mil Liability. Insurance has come way down since I retired.

Oh, and welcome to our forum. Enjoy! :smile: