E&O information poll

Since more responses/information is better, this poll will run for 30 days.

Anonymous poll. Please pick one.

E & O is mandatory in Massachusetts, but I personally never had to depend on it.

Proof of E&O is mandatory in Alabama to obtain your HI license.

So far I’ve never had to use it.

WOW. 235 views and only 47 have voted. C’mon folks. The poll is anonymous and this information poll, while totally unscientific, may help other inspectors decide whether to purchase E&O or not. OR may help those in states with pending legislation that require E&O to counter the argument that “it protects the public”.

Step up and cast a vote. Please and Thank You.

I have it, but never filed a claim.

I have it, but have not filed a claim

(am considering dropping it)
Great poll-timely for me

I wish the unknown coward that gave me the red square understood the poll was to supply people with information and if they didn’t want the information or didn’t like the poll, they didn’t have to view it or respond.

Best to you in your decision.


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*We have two similar poles going at the same time on Insurance .

This one has 36% 11 of 30 with no insurance.

The other has 62% 35 of 66 with no insurance.

Some how some thing is wrong they are not even close.

It looks strange to me how they can be so different.

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