E & O insurance for hi

Hello all,

Any recomendations on good E & O insurance for HI?

PS I’m not sure how to search the archives?

Thank you


I like Joe Ferry’s program, FREA’s, GREIA’s, and CHI’s.

Mike -

Read this.


As you all know I belong to a organization called GREIA. They offer outstanding prices and customer service for E&O insurance. I have 1 Mill coverage for $1754 give or take a few bucks. You can also do $570 down (plus or minus a few bucks) and $130 month for 9 months after your down payment. I cannot find a quote even close to this with other carriers.

Anyways NACHI and GREIA have teamed up. Here’s the basics…

For you MB lurkers considering joining NACHI. Sign up with GREIA and get a 1 year free membership with InterNACHI. Before you get your free year you must pass the minimum requirements to get in.

For you NACHI members sign up with GREIA and get 1 year free of NACHI TV!!

Please tell Sarah I sent you!! By the way she is very pleasent to deal with and very easy to get ahold of.

Contact her at sarah@grei.biz today!

See below… This is the exact message I received today from both Sarah and James representatives of GREIA.

James email…

Thank you for responding!

Please email Nick Gromicko at fastreply@nachi.org for your free membership with NACHI and/or FREE access to NACHI tv.

Be sure to mention you are a member of GREIA!

There is a short application page you will need to fill out.

You will need to have passed InterNACHI’s free Online Inspector Examination with a score of 80 or higher, you will need to have completed InterNACHI’s free Online Ethics Obstacle Course, and you will need to have taken InterNACHI’s free Online Standards of Practice Quiz. These are accessible for free at http://www.nachi.org/

Visit the interNACHI website at http://www.nachi.org for more information about interNACHI.

Thank you for your continued membership with GREI of America!

and yes, it’s for real!

Sarah’s email…

Yes that is correct and if they are ALREADY a member of NACHI then they will get 1 Free year of NACHI TV.

Sarah LaRocca
GREI Membership Rep
Fax 678-765-2304