E&O Insurance Post

By the way I am a member of InterNACHI, member # NACHI08071504. Dont know why it says im not. Any input on E & O insurance would be appreciated.


Dave, try this company in the post I made a while back.


Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it very much.

Is the NACHI insurance broker covering California now…??? I wasn’t sure, I was really angry because they told me at the LAST MINUTE… ooops, sorry we are still waiting for our licensing from California to go through. I was about 2 days away from LOSING MY CLAIMS MADE COVERAGE for all my previous inspections.

Melissa at Allen’s took care of me at the last minute… SHE IS A SAINT!!! and she saved me so I was happy to give Allens some business.

I will probably stay with them, unless NACHI’s is cheaper…
and if AIG is still around… what is a few more BILLION for the insurance bail out.

"IF YOU LOSE A MILLION DOLLARS, it’s your problem. “IF YOU LOSE A HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS, its the Government’s problem”

Bob Pearson @ Allen Insurance Rocks!

I’ve had their Premium Occurance policy for about 10 years now. Their service is second to none. I understand the occurance policy is falling by the wayside. Maybe next year only claims made policies will be available industry wide.

As long as Allen Insurance stays competitive with regard to pricing, I’m there…

Claims made is the way to go… I have Allen’s as well… and they do ROCK! Melissa is awesome!!! NACHI’s carrier never responds back to me… What is Elite? I like Attorney Joe, but I don’t know what the deal is with Elite? I don’t think they insure California inspectors.

If RiskPro issues policies in your state, I would bet my life no other company can match their rates…I saved over $900.00 from last year with the same coverage.


I’ve got FREA, but I’m always on the look-out for better (not necessarily cheaper) coverage. I got an email from Elite and sent them my info for a price quote. They have not responded.

Surprised are you Jeff?----:lol:—:lol:

I just sent my info off to RiskPro. Let’s see what they can do for me. . .

Good Choice Jeff, I would imagine they will have the best rate.

They were very quick to respond. I should have a quote sometime this afternoon. . .

I thought Riskpro doesn’t cover California…? you may want to check.

They’ve got my info, I’ll let you know when they respond. I’ve got plenty of time. My current policy doesn’t expire until 5/1/2009.

Hey Jeff;

You and I appear to have similar activity levels. What rate are you paying for a “Claims Made” policy at FREA?

I’m at about $3600.00 for Premium Occurance with Allen Insurance.

Hey Guys,
One thing to watch out for with any Policy… On your General Liability, make sure you purchase a “separate” policy with another insurance carrier otherwise an add-on to your E and O policy will possess the same LIMIT.

Why give an insurance company money to have less protection… Since most General Liablity Insurance policies are around $500 regardless… maybe a little cheaper, but less protection with a combined limit.

I am shopping right now, Allen ins. policy is shooting up approx. $1000 per year. They said it was due to the change in their underwriters.

First Indemnity Insurance Services
John Remark Agent (First Mercury Insurance Co is the carrier)

500k/1mil $1000 ded for $2808.26 after taxes & fees
1st dollar defense
commercial upto 300k sq.ft. (except restaurants)
referral Endorsement
pools & spas (100k sublimit)
General Liability
Also includes some other things but I am listing the important stuff.


500k/1 mil $2500 ded for $2750 no clear if this includes taxes & fees

Their qoute does not clearly state if coverage includes:
referral endorsement
general Liability

I am thinking of signing with First Indemnity Insurance Services (John Remark). Has any one heard of or dealt with them? Their website is www.homeinspectorliability.com

I’m at $3,100 [back in March '08] with FREA. RiskPro quoted me a rate of $2,750 for the same coverage.

They also offer a great GL policy with equipment riders, although it was a bit pricey. I’m will sign up for the GL plus riders through them, just for piece of mind, but I haven’t made up my mind yet on the E&O.

Anyone signing up with stand-alone… General Liability insurance policies??? Prices have skyrocked out here in California… $900 with the Hartford… a lot of companies not writing stand alone GL!!!..

Any advice, input let me know… I just signed up with GREIA E and O for 1 million, $2500 deductible, only $1700 per year!!! not bad… but gotta find GL coverage now???

I used to only pay $500 for stand alone GL… those days seem to be over!