E&O Insurance question

Hi everyone,

I’m starting my own HI company. I’ve passed Nashi’s online course with a 82% score. I do not have the $285 to join yet. Once I get a few inspections I will have the money to join. My question about insurance is there any “Pay As You Go” E&O insurance for home inspectors? I checked out orep.org and seem that you have to pay the full premium up front. I did see a “Financing available” on their web site, but i’m not sure that is what I want.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Jeff,

I know that Allen Insurance Group offers a “pay as you go” option, but I’ve never looked into it. Their site is www.allenins.com Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info Bobby


Payment plan usually requires around$700-$900 then payments every 3 months. Call them for details.

If your doing inspection now, without insurance, why bother to buy any?
Make some money for a while and do a good job.

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Allen Ins. does have some educational or experience requirements.

Thanks for all the good info. Have a merry Christmas!


And don’t advertise it regardless! I feel that puts a sue me sign on your back! Kind of like someone having a kick me sign taped on their back. Eventully some one will read it and kick them.
Just my 1.25 cents worth. Now go out and inspect and welcome!!!