E & O Insurance quotes

AIG has given me a nifty tool to quickly provide an E & O insurance quote.

Any member who wishes a quick quote can call me at 215-896-3990. The whole process takes about 2 minutes.

Any non-member who would like to see how much money he could save on E & O by joining NACHI is welcome to call, as well.



Post your secret tool here!!!

lol…It’s called…the KICKBACK tool…thehehehe

I am up for renewal, SO…expect a call.

Oh, are you open on Monday?

Joe…quote me…but phone time for me sucks!

I have just been told by AIG that our very aggressively priced NACHI E & O rates have been further reduced across the board by $500.

For a quick quote call me at 215-896-3990.


Anyone who has emailed Nick asking about E & O insurance should email me at eruditissimus@yahoo.com.

My official NACHI email address is legal@nachi.org but it is not forwarding the mail to me.

Nick tells me that he has forwarded several requests for E & O insurance quotes to me at this address but I have not gotten them.

If anyone has emailed Nick looking for E & O insurance, please send the request to me at the above email address. Or you can call me at 215-896-3990.

Chapter Presidents - Please put this on your websites: “NACHI E & O Insurance Program - Call Joe Ferry @215-896-3990 for a quote.”



Please note that the E & O quotes that you get on the www.nachi.org/insurance/ link have not, repeat not, been corrected to reflect the recent $500 reduction in rates. Thus, you should be subtracting $500 from whatever number the site returns.

Even though the link quotes the higher number, you will receive the lower one. If you want a quote without going through the link, call me at 215-896-3990. I can give you one in about a minute.

Joe, are you employed by T&P also?

AIG. oops.?