E & O Insurance that works.

The last guy made a post about insurance and few answered. I also would like to shop around. I would like some opinions on insurance. Cheap is one thing, but like all things cheap, is it going to be there when you need it? Can I get some input of good quality carriers please?

There is really no way to gauge what a “Good” carrier is as the Insurance companies do not share any of the real data to make a comparison.

That being said IMO it is best to get the a quote for, best price, the deductible you like, and the amount of coverage you want.

When push comes to shove and you call your Carrier, they in turn get on the phone and call a Local Attorney to, First off, burn through your deductible on their way to settling, and Secondly, they settle.

So, the trick is to figure out for yourself, what is the most comfortable way to settle for you??? Low deductible?? High deductible??? Min Coverage??? Max Coverage???

I myself am now in the High deductible, Lowest coverage possible camp. :smiley: