E&O insurance

After looking here for my own insurance needs, it was obvious that there was no cheap solution, at least not yet.
I agree with everyone that rates in excess of $2,000.00 are outrageous:mad:
I contacted a couple of brokers here in Hamilton and started to ask “WHY?” and to express my dissatisfaction of having my gonads in a vice because I had no alternative. I then suggested that if a principal grew a set, they could corner this hugely untapped and price hungry market. This led to a Really big-wig type calling me to ask more and to advise me that he had in fact been looking at this market for a while. I assured him that with over 500 members of this association in Ontario alone, I could see him making a years sales in one month. He said he would be meeting with a company that might be willing to offer E&O at around $1,800.00
Sorry for the long story, but if he does, I will pass on the name and number for all to see.:mrgreen:

I would certainly be interested… keep us posted.

Darren all the best you will be a hero if you can get this .
Love your moving right in good for you and every one else .