E&O insurance

Does anyone know if I can add someone to my e$O insurance after I have purchased it. I have a growing business and may need to add people and I was hoping that each person wouldn’t have to by there own.

I suggest you check with your carrier.

I have FREA and according to mine, I can not just add a person to the current policy without a charge.

So I would like to know myself.

Does PA require an inspector to carry E&O insurance?

Yes, you can add but there is an additional charge. PA does require E & O Insurance.

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Try this fellow (and please tell him I referred you; I spoke with him just yesterday). I believe he has a policy that does not charge for additional inspectors but I’m not sure of the details.

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Oh yes it will cost.

Hi all,

I just upped my E & O to a million down here in Florida. It is pricey, I did it through Towers & Perrin. It seems to be quite well worth it, because even though it’s not required in Florida it has definately gotten my husband and I a few more jobs. Hopefully we will make up the price with a few additional inspections.


Depending on the carrier and type of policy, you may or may not be able to add an inspector. FREA’s insurance policies are individually based and the upside to that is the “insurability” of the company is not compromised in the event of any claims.

I was able to insure both my husband and myself with Towers and Perrin, a bit pricey but I think well worth it.