E&O Insurance

Where is the best carrier to get GL (general liability insurance) ??? Prices have skyrocketed out here in California!!! Average rate is $900 for the Hartford… and State Farm wanted $1300…

Please help!!!

If you carry E&O, your GL rate will be reduced. In fact, FREA has been giving it away with renewals. It’s normally $500 with FREA.

Hi Jeff,
Yes, I am aware of FREA’s free GL program… and they do have an excellent program, and there service is top notch… however you gotta pay $3200 for it. It’s high in price compared to other E and O… but as they say, you get what you pay for… hopefullly, right!

If I get a hartford GL policy for $900 and my E and O is thru GREIA… total will be about $2600… I am saving $700…