E&O Posted Policy

I ask the Insurance agent who has offered E&O at $850 - $880 to post his policy.
Here is his response. Do your own homework.

Posted with permission:

** Direct all questions to:
**Robert Dupuis

Insurance provided by Westchester Fire Insurance Company, Roswell, GA.

** Insurance provided by Westchester Fire Insurance Company, Roswell, GA. Prices vary. Deductibles apply.**

Profile for Westchester Fire Insurance Company
Primary SIC: Fire, Marine And Casualty Insurance, Primary NAICS:
Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers
Description: Insurance: Provider of property and casualty insurance and services.

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Thanks for the info but I’m just an ole Texas man and don’t quite understand insurancese.

Can you or he break this down into English or better yet Texan?

After the second read it didn’t sound like they were covering much of anything that may be claimed.

True, but is that not the case for all insurance? Pay on time and sleep easy – until the time comes that you actually need to file a claim. Then you deal with a “different” department that isn’t near as friendly. While I have not specifically compared, I am willing to bet most all of that disclaimer language is in the policy I have from Allen Insurance.

I have posted what was give to me. I am not an expert and cannot answer
questions. Please contact

Robert Dupuis

I have posted the information in hopes the other insurers would post their policy
and we could have full disclosure of the mystery we call E&O.

Other than:

what disclaimer are you referring to? My Towers-Perrin policy has almost identical language.


“The policy covers the named insured business, it’s employees and independent contractors who are natural persons, but only with respect to Professional Services performed on behalf of the named insured.”

Who is considered a “natural person”?

From Wikipedia (if you trust such):

So, the policy would cover Joe the HVAC guy but not the company he works for.

Big question…and maybe I didn’t read it correctly, but are defense costs included in this policy?

Are defense costs included in the per occurrence and aggregate of the FREA policy?

Absolutely! You’re responsible for the deductible, which we front for you, and then all other costs, defense included, are paid for by the insurance company.

That is the real purpose for E&O. The people making the money is this are the lawyers. If that policy does not cover defense costs, that will surely explain the low premium.

From the policy sent with the quote from Allstate:

From the definitions section:

[/size][/FONT]By the way, what a novel concept of sending a sample policy with your E&O quote. Gee Whiz, that sure helps when it comes time to compare competitors offerings and BEFORE you hand them any premium monies!!!

Wow, I wonder how this underwriter is able to offer such low premiums with coverage like this??


Here is the answer to the question you ask Ben.
This is the respone I got.

Posted by permission

Ben, I value your feedback.**

Ben Garrison,

By the way, how about sending me a copy of FREA’s policy (as you previously offered) so that I can compare it to the Allstate policy sent to me?