E & O renewal

I know it has been posted before but I can not locate thru the search on the board.

My E & O renews in a few weeks and I would like to ask others whom they use and if they are satisfied with the service and coverage.

I have Lexington Insurance and they are not the easiest to get a hold of.


My insurance agent is the best. she keeps me informed of any cahanges, possibility of lower premiums, etc. Her fees are less than Lexington. First year I used her compared to Lexington I saved almsot $900. She writes in all 50 states.

Here is her info:
Marla Davis

I will forward your info to her if you don’t mind.

No I do not mind.


Dave, I saved over $1,000.00 a year with RiskPro, had a quote and policy in one day.

Thanks Dale for the info.