E&O Starting at 1250 Plus surcharges ???

Has anyone experienced this company?


The table claims that 100,100 with 5,000 deductible is 1250 a year. But there are 2 (i think) surcharges totaling 300 for a final total fo 1550.00 for E&O.

some restrictions apply.

Looking to save some cash here.


That $1250 is not a firm rate. I have heard complaints about people seeing that low rate online and then discover, after completing the application, that the rate was much higher. Something to be careful of.

Rick, I noticed that you do, or are licensed to do, energy audits. I believe that FREA is one of the only providers who has coverage for that in the policy.


Another thing to consider is that you are going to need the property damage insurance also unless you have a seperate GL policy. That adds another $200 to $550 depending on the coverage you choose.

Also, if you plan to do any new construction inspections, They will not allow you on the jobsite with only $100,000 coverage.