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***Just reminding you of this morning’s live conferences


**9:00am Eastern and Pacific: **
"Grounding Systems and Ground Fault Current"
**presented by Tony Locker, P.E., Dir. Business Development, i-Gard.
Live in Conference Room A. **
Learn about the various grounding systems in use today in power distribution systems, such as ungrounded, solidly-grounded, and low- and high-resistance grounded systems, including their respective pros and cons.Find out how each grounding system affects the magnitude and path of ground fault currents. Also, learn about the parameters of conducting a ground fault coordination study. If you’re an electrical engineer, designer, plant/facility maintenance technician, or design/build contractor, this conference is a MUST. Bring your questions!

**10:00am Eastern and Pacific: **
"Sizing Standby Generators for Commercial Applications"
presented by Joe Wiegert, Technical Sales Representative, Generac Power Systems.
Live in Conference Room A.

Selecting a generator that is properly sized for the application is not especially difficult, but can be confusing or even intimidating for contractors new to the process. By attending this live conference, you’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze commercial electrical loads;
  • Account for the cyclic nature of commercial loads;
  • Use several step-by step methods for determining generator size; and
  • Use multiple methods to cross check and verify generator selection.
    Don’t miss this valuable presentation! Bring your questions!

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