Eagle scout


My last “project” as an Eagle scout was…

I was taken 25 miles into the wilds of the Oregon woods and given 1/2 pound of jerky and 3 liters of water and a very good topo map along with the useuall IE. knife , compass,flint, small tarp, good bag(sleeping), small line, fish hooks, pocket mirror, and a bag of weed ( my own expense) LOL.

I was to travel from point “a” to point “b” in 4 days, about 4.7 miles. I did 3 miles the first day and looked :Dfor Geodes the rest of the time.:smiley:

I am not to sure if they still make Scouts do this… Nick?

Oh, hell. I forgot to add the link to Nick’s thread.!!:twisted:

Where did this come from? Flash backs perhaps?

No, not a flash back per sey, but a remebrance of what it was like 20 years ago. Weed not included…:D:p

That would not qualify for an Eagle project these days. I am not a Scoutmaster but I think the Eagle project has to be some sort of community service.

Well, I got my Eagle 40 years ago and the Eagle project at that time was indeed some sort of community service. The only thing that was close to Todd’s example was an Order of the Arrow ordeal.

As a Scoutmaster in Milwaukee I think he is talking about the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. Our Eagle Projects are community service.

My son did the Order of the Arrow thing too.

You have to consider he was stoned, he was high as an eagle!

Kind of incongruous; An Eagle Scout high on Marahoonie.