Eagle steels salmon

It was a set-up. The Eagle was baited! Fake news!

Great post Roy!
I watched ringed billed gulls, hundreds of the them, carpeting the water last night plucking fingerlings being corralled by a predictor species as I checked my solar panel to insure my second deep cycle battery was being charged.

Most Wonderful and entertaining to observe!
I watched for over 30 minutes as nature and pray collided at dinner time.

I suspected small mouth and rock bass were corralling the pray seeing it shallow fast running water with a rocky bottom and a point where I often fish returning to the marina after an outing.

If I skunked on the species I was after I am sure to be rewarded keeping my fishing record intact. Ha ha ha

Amassing how natures opportunist, the eagle in your photo being at the top of that specific group of birds, support themselves.

Leave open food outside where I camp and you invite black bears. Not a wise decision for campers, but how many campers are educated on wide life opportunist and practice safe camp site rules?
Remember, Smoke the fire says, “Only you can prevent bears”:wink:

Thanks Roy! Great post!