Earn an extra $200 on each inspection.

Very interesting! I actually had a long talk just today with Brett Fallert, Account Manager Secure 24. He is a very personable and knowledgeable guy! I told him right from the start I do not do these types of programs but he was very willing to answer my questions and have quite a long discussion.

If I was to start using one of these programs this is one I would definitely look to! If you use these services give Brett or Kevin a call. Brett’s contact info is:

Office: 214-305-2777
Cell: 314-580-8124

That’s not earning extra money as an inspector, that’s having a 2nd job as an alarm sales person.

Hello Ian,

They have multiple options for you instead of taking the money for the lead and two of those options I would say are fine. I’m sure you are already aware of why I don’t participate in these programs. However for those that do they need some way more honest options of providers. As long as Secure 24 stays on their current business course/philosophy they are way ahead of the curve in the “honest option” category!

The programs would be fine if they were client activated. A unique coupon code supplied by an inspector to the client. When the client CHOOSES to sign up and hand over their own information to the alarm company, they use the coupon / code. Once the installation is complete, the check to the inspector is generated.

Client privacy intact.

Give them a call and see if they would do that. They seemed very concerned about the issues some of these programs have caused and are receptive to ideas. That would be a win all around and I would expect that more consumers would prefer it that way anyhow.

No, I can’t say I am.

For the last 6 months I get a call from same guy from Secure 24 (Illinois number) 3 or 4 times a week, even after I told them I was not interested.

That is a way better option. I’ll check if it’s available in Canada.

Many years ago, long before all the recent hoopla I too refused to participate in any alarm program that required me to provide any client info to the alarm company. I convinced the alarm company to do just as you suggested, i.e. I had a unique 'company code" with the alarm company. I informed my HI clients of the alarm company’s offers and told them to contact the alarm company if they were interested and to give them my unique company code to obtain special pricing. I used that method for 6-8 months and never once had a client contact the alarm company on their own. Had they done that and had an alarm installed I would have used the alarm company’s option to donate my “kick back” to charity.

I would be open to that.

They are shooting themselves in the foot with this tactic. If anyone tries this out please let us know how it goes, short and long term.

On further reflection, I don’t like it. If the inspector is getting $200 for the referral, that’s coming out of the client’s pocket. Possibly from upsell on equipment, or maybe the exorbitant monitoring fee. I wouldn’t feel good about it either way. I’m protective of my clients. That’s why I give them the best inspection I can. This is just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

If I wanted to up-sell someone that badly, I’d just get a Real Estate License and sell them the house in the first place.

I really don’t get the perception that home inspectors are alarm sales people, yet it seems everywhere.

Be it this, NT, Hon, it just seems to be every where. There is even a place in ISN to input your alarm lead program of choice. Really? In the inspection industry really just a front for selling alarms?

Talk about cheapening the perception of the industry.

I have no problem if they want to send me coupons thatI staple inside the “now You’ve had” book, but I’m not talking clients into giving up their info. My Company is IM Home Inspections, not IM Home Alarms Whore. :roll:

It’s been part of the inspection industry going all the way back to the days of BRINKS. The industry asked for another option. One that:

  1. Required no “salesmanship” from you, the home inspector.
  2. Was not offensive to consumers.
  3. Did not sell your client data elsewhere.
  4. Was a better deal for your clients.
  5. Paid the inspector better.

I went and got it for you.

That is one of the options Secure 24 has. You can also have them apply it back to the client’s alarm bill.

Well if that’s the case… who wouldn’t participate? Your clients get the money.

It would be nice if Secure 24 could provide an affiliate type link for us to share with past and current clients. Also, is there a discount if my clients go with my referral?

I called Kevin and got a voicemail.

Why is it coming out of the clients pocket. If you don’t get the referral fee than clients won’t get it (vendor keeps it), unless supposedly by this program, you can assign it to client or assign it to a charity as per the local rep that called me today ! So, it’s not coming outta clients pocket- Vender has it for you, client or charity per your choice from what I understand !

Thanx for all your continued available different options to us Nick ! No one has to use this ! But, true as you say, there is no salesmanship needed from us on this and your other listed items. Their local rep that called me today said he would supply me with fliers (when I asked)- that I can add into my gift bag to my clients after inspections that includes other things such as the Homeowner Handbooks I purchased from InterNachi. What’s wrong with giving additional info to clients that they can choose to pursue or not !