Earning a living, Waiting on NCHILB

Whew, I am whooped / beaten tonight. I am having to go back to my roots in remodeling / renovations, just to pay my rent here in North Carolina, until I can be a Licensed Home Inspector in North Carolina.

Today I was working in North Raleigh / Durham, tearing out old doors / Windows and installing new Andersen products. I have forgotten about the weight of the doors, until today.

I woke at 4am, spent time with my wife, loaded my tools in the expedition, told our 4 kids bye and that I love them and off to work I went. I was going to take pics to show you all a total renovation of doors / Windows and trim.I have worked from 7:45 this morning until 7:00 tonight, with no break.

I have to pay the bills, so temporarily I am an Independent Contractor. I rocked at it and made some new friends but man I am hurting really bad. I have tomorrow off but Wednesday, I have to be at a house in Wake Forest, up 24 feet on a ladder, tearing out old and replacing new windows.

I am not afraid of hard work, I proved that today. Everyone seems to love my knowledge, which comes from past work experience and education through InterNACHI.

I can’t wait until I can take my exam down here and pass, so I can get licensed. I still learned a couple of things today. I have a new found respect for contractors / subs, since I moved down this way.

I am exhausted and just wanted to check in on my InterNACHI family. Be safe out there guys.

  • Mike

I almost went back to NC. I love it there but the Cali life has treated me well. Good luck to you. Do what you have to do.


Great work :slight_smile: Keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

I brought my lawn care business down here with me as well. My wife handles all of that while I am gone.

I never get to see my wife and kids hardly. They all love me and support my decisions. I am putting my two teenage sons to work this year.They are all asleep right now and I am with my other family: InterNACHI.

Be safe guys and thanks for caring, best of luck to each and everyone. I pray all the time for you all, Nick and the staff.

I can perform home inspections down here in North Carolina, I just can’t legally charge and collect for payment until I can get licensed.

I love being a general contractor. But at my age, my body doesn’t. So when I moved to Colorado, I revamped my entire business model. I now specialize in heavy equipment projects. They’re actually even more fun. And they pay well.

P.S. A shout out to John Deere. They’ve been an awesome company to work with. Great products and service.


   I have tried for years to follow in your lead / footsteps.  That's easier said than done. I am no Nick Gromicko. 

   I'm going to try and take a small break later this year and head out 3 hours east to Nags Head Beach, North Carolina. I plan on hang gliding and coastal fishing, time with the family,  and more.

Nick, I have had a lot on me over the past year but even with all of my stress and responsibilities, I would like to say thanks for helping me out when I needed it. You have been a house hold name in my family for 4 years now. We don’t know you personally, but my wife, kids and I consider you family. I made one of the best decisions of my life, when I joined InterNachi.

Michael, getting a HI license does not guarentee you’ll have business, it still takes a lot of work and doubt to make a go of it.

I will really in fact hurt anyone with real experience :slight_smile:

I’ll be there with a few staffers in June.

My advice is to start with a new backhoe (most versatile machine) and concentrate your marketing to your own neighborhood. If you have enough cash to buy an old machine, don’t. Instead, use it for a down payment on a new machine. It doesn’t take but one small project a month to make the payments on it. Become known for doing small jobs (they are the most profitable) that you can get to on the machine without trailering (also the most profitable). There is always some work going on that can be done a lot faster with your machine. If you see any construction going on in your area (or even an idiot DIY breaking his back with a shovel), don’t be afraid to stop and ask them if they need any machine work done. When I retire, I’m just going to run machinery full time. I really haven’t changed since I was a little boy in my sandbox.

Thanks. I feel the same.

I am not new to performing home inspections. Appreciate the heads up, the only difference is that North Carolina requires licensing where Virginia doesn’t. I know how to get plenty of business, in addition I’m going to be following Nick’s advice in his Conquer book.

See that’s always been my problem with posting here on the message board. People respond real quick before reading carefully.

I stick out pretty good down here ( I’m a white boy), and everyone seems to love me and my attitude. I already am planning my marketing. PARRISH REALTY, is just 1 example and they are all over the place.

BPG and US INSPECT, already want me as an employee, but I need my license, regardless of my experience. I’m not going to have any problems getting work once I become licensed. Thanks for looking out for a brother.

Nick, I will take your advice. Give me a call when you’re headed to North Carolina