Easily converted to bedroom

Home owner says this space could easily be converted to a bedroom.

Depends who is sleeping up there. lolo

You can do anything if you have enough imagination and money.

Kein, I’d be courious to see a pic further back, showing more.

Other side

This is a complete W-type truss. The client was informed about the compexities of changing the design to make a bedroom and is well off so the Cabin sold for close to $270.000. Two bedroom with no well. No electric heat and a uncertified monster wood stove designed to fit 4 foot logs.

No well or electric! Is it a flyin fishing lodge? haaaha

Basswood Lake 1.25 hours from SSM On.
Nice land but the cabin is small. 900 sq ft on one floor.:smiley:

All my projects are easy until I start doing them.

My guess is he always wanted to make a room up there and was trying convince someone else it was a good idea too