East TN Tomorrow...

Hey Guys,

Not sure if any of you attend IAEI meetings but if you do I will be presenting a 2011 NEC code change presentation with NFPA’s Jeff Sargent for the east Tennessee chapter of IAEI.

If any of you are attending…don’t forget to holler at me. Just not during the presentation please…:slight_smile:

When will be in SE Michigan or NW Ohio? Lunch is on me!

NC IAEI Annual Meeting
November 4-7, 2012
Chestnut Tree Inn
Cherokee, NC 28719

Thanks Mike…got it on my schedule.

George, I don’t serve MI or OH so probably won’t see me in those states.

Update…I will be teaching an all day NEC class at the Rosenberg TX area on thursday for the Brazo ICC Chapter located just outside Houston TX. If you are an ICC member of that chapter…see you Wednesday…

I love Texas!