Eastpointe MI leaky basement driveway side back corner

quick look at inside corner of wall, do you see a VERTICAL crack at-near corner? No… then look at other photos of the outside of the wall/corner, whatcha see out there… huh?

saw cut concrete apron n knock it out in order to hand dig the lil biaaatch

start digging and hello rootie

root removed n dig a little more, what cha see? BEER CANS Danny?

NOTE - somebody caulked crack that extended above grade, fine, wonderful but ummm sealing that doesn’t fix/seal/waterproof the REST of the crack now does it

Robert Y, that’s clay soil, i don’t need to ‘test it’, apparently you do

IMPORTANT, just because a home inspector, homeowner, who the hlll ever does NOT see a crack on the inside of the foundation wall does not ever mean there aren’t one or more EXT cracks, ya DIG?

and the heavens opened up near end of the job, thankfully i brought my pretty lil yellow rain coat, got that?

done, roger that Bubba, over n out