Easy to succeed

The home inspection business has to be the easiest businesses to succeed in. When so much your competition refuse to do simple things to make their clients happy, it’s all downhill.


Juan why does this post with positive title lead in with a negative?
Good attitude is perhaps the most important aspect of client relationship or is this a thread response to another post somewhere?

I smell another shill thread.

Anyone else?

Such as?

The fact of the matter is Juan, whether you want to face the truth or not, client’s want the most thorough inspection followed by the most detailed report they can get for their multi-thousand dollar investments. Really, this is what makes them truly happy & satisfied with your service and is the reason they hire you in the first place.

They could care less about happy meals or any other useless gimmicks.

I’m thinking of dragging a smoker trailer behind me and serving BBQ and beverages at my inspections.

I know it would make my clients and anyone else in attendance “happy”

What do you guys think?

Juan and I had a bet that he couldn’t get you guys to post all negative things in a positive thread.

You loose…

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In some aspects your wrong, in some aspects your right. I can give an excellent report and inspection but have terrible personal skills, horrible follow up, poor customer service after the inspection. So then what does that get them? Besides unanswered questions and poor customer service, After the inspection.

I understand your point and see its validity, but it is not a broad brush that paints our profession. It is a multitude of things that make the clients happy. Some want to meet the clients expectations others want to exceed them.

To say what makes a customer happy is funny. I have never met two of the same customers yet. All are different and all have their own little quirks.

I feel the best thing a company can do is base is on consistency so that the client knows what they will get time and again. They come to know what to expect. Sure some minor things will change, but the core will always be the same.

Who is right and who is wrong? I guess that depends on the reader of this thread and their point of view, so even this post cannot be a broad stroke of paint…

You obviously have never met Dale Duffy

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Balancing a non-alarmist approach with thorough inspections has yielded nearly 1000 inspections in the last 9 months for us. I feel like if you are not consistently trying to get better at both then you are shorting yourself, your business and your family. Nathan is right, 80% of my leads come from the office of a realtor. When this happens, I take care of their clients, who are my clients. It is a concerted approach. The sale of a home cannot work smoothly without all of our rolls being carried out effectively and professionally.