Eat your heart out Jim Morrison!

You know that line in the Doors song “Backdoor Man”?
“…I eat more chicken any man ever seen…”

8 Rand per dollar, so this package is about $1.25

Ostrich meat is awesome. I eat it often. I usually stir fry it with fresh vegi’s.

Are those chicken feet Kenton? They’re mighty big!


Yep. Somewhere here there’s a flock of chickens hobbling on stumps.

Which one did you get?


I saw a Zulu woman looking at them, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk up to her and say “Can you tell me how to eat chicken feet?”.
They looked pretty clean. Maybe it’s like eating pretzels, tough pretzels. Or maybe you gnaw the gristle off the bones and then pick your teeth with the toenails.
They actually look kind of good here (China), or at least better than they do raw. Wikipedia has a whole thing on eating chicken feet.

Do the chickens have large talons?

Lol. I’ve never eaten them Kenton but, I hear they taste just like chicken…lol.
Good luck with them. Use lots of hot sauce!


Yes, but they softens up if’n you **boils the tar **out of 'em.

Yes, but they softens up if’n you **boils the tar **out of 'em.

I haven’t either… not yet… but I hear they taste just like FEET.

I think they call them hot dogs here in the U.S.

lol :slight_smile: to funny

And right after that “I forgot my checkbook, I hope you boys don’t mind I pay you in change”

A few folks just went what the heck are Tim and Mike R talking about?

Many years ago…
we had a Holiday party where we served chicken drums…
using a Rabbit recipe …


Everyone commented how the Rabbit Legs tasted just like Chicken…


My father-in-law loves them. He sucks all the skin off the bones. It’s actually kind of gross to listen to and watch. I’ll take the rest of the meat any time and leave him the feet. Maybe you could use them for a fondue party.

Curtis, are you married to a Zulu girl?

LOL. I have Mennonite roots. We shoots 'em and eats 'em. Nothing gets wasted! :wink: