Eat your heart out Paul Lesieur!

Got out on the Bay yesterday with a friend, he let me helm for a bit.

Hit 28 knot wind speed for a bit but still not going very fast due to the heavy chop. But we were heeling over so much sometimes the deck was almost dipping in the water!

Hope you’re getting in some sail time while you can!

Nice Tom. 28 MPH is right on the edge of “time to go back!”
Nice looking boat. How long is it?

I got out Sunday in 20 MPH. Its a lake so 2’ chop is big as it gets.

Here’s some pictures

We took our newly restored 1966 BLion B-Class Catamaran out on Lake Isabella on Sunday. We had light wind but experienced one heck of a sunset.

Looks beautiful Paul!

My buddy’s boat is a 32’, it’s a beauty from 1984 in really good shape.
I’d say we were right on the edge of safe for a bit but he’s a long time sailor.
I helmed for awhile during the high winds and it is hard work!
Believe me I slept well last night. :wink:

Send a pic Eugene!

I didn’t take a camera yesterday, but here are a couple pictures from a couple weeks ago. We had the entire family on the Hobie 18, and the other is of my 9 year old sailing her El Toro. It is always fun to be out on the water.


Those Hobies can really move!

Yea, multi hulls are great if you like going fast. My newest project is a 31ft Trimaran with a 25ft beam. It is a no-compromise racer so it should be very fast.

The best part is harnessing that wind. I like anything that floats but getting out and back without using a motor takes some skill.

My boat comes out this weekend. November in Minnesota makes for some chilly sailing. A few years ago I sailed during a snowstorm of big fat flakes.

What a trip!