Ebay is ALL messed up!

I think they’ve been hacked. It’s getting worse by the minute. :frowning:

What do you mean?

You can’t sell anything of any expense on ebay anymore. You’ll be hounded with scam buyers, never collect a dime and be charged for the fraudulant transaction by ebay. Use “Craigs List” it’s much better and FREE!

I tried selling my Dell Notebook on ebay through 3 auctions. It was purchased each time by scams in Nigeria, England and France. It took about 30 days to resolve all the charges with ebay. I listed it on Craigs List and sold it in two days for $1000.00 with zero fees for the transaction.

Some guy said he had his account hacked, and so that was why all the bids were cancelled. I think he was lying, but he said it was hacked.

This is why I state in my auctions that I only sell to bidders in the USA, and I only accept Money orders or paypal as payments. But Craigs list and postaroo are looking better every day. :frowning:

My banker told me, with the computers and printers available today, money orders are no longer a guarantee of funds unless one wants to wait the 7 to 10 days for them to clear.

Just a thought.