I don’t usually post on news events but I have to say I’m really “blown away” by the complete screw up by the WHO and the CDC et. al. in regard to the Ebola outbreak.

There was a chance to get this thing under control but that was months ago.
Now it’s out of control. Worst case scenario now is over a million infected/dead by late January. Best case is half a million.

And with hundreds of thousands of “hosts” then there is a chance it can mutate and become airborne.

Frankly I could care less about ISIS, we’re spending billions to blow them up.

Ebola is the real threat.

POTUS just sent 3000 troops to Africa to deal with Ebola.

Too little too late imho.

Agreed, I was actually gonna add that to my comment. No surprise from this admin.

Yeah it’s the whole world that failed on this or at least the industrialized nations.

first it was smallpox, followed in many years later with a AIDs and now is this, who in the heck came up with a concept that the Americans should provide healthcare for the rest of the world when they’re starving children on the street of this country today.think about your next door neighbor and then we have the subject matter. I’m done


I agree Roy that we have some screwed up priorities in this country and it
does boggle my mind that the richest country in the history of the world still has a lot of people going hungry.

But isolationism doesn’t work, how about if we sat out WW2?
A lot of Americans wanted to do just that.

Sitting on the sidelines of an epidemic that could eventually affect us directly or indirectly is not the way to go.

Drop an a bomb in the area and the problem is solved. We have to start looking for easier solutions to our problems.

Our military intervention is not always the way… But when it comes to a health outbreak, we and the rest of the developed nations must be concerned and willing to take quick action. We do not live on a desolated island, the world has become a small place and the spread of a disease such as this or the next one to come along is a very real threat to us all. I for one think the possibility of there being a world wide health epidemic is much more of a threat to us all than any bombs or terrorists.

Greg, I hope you’re joking.