eBooks for Inspectors

Are you a student, or an inspector at a university or college? Are you paying a tutor to help you maintain your grades? Are you sitting in classes where the professor does not solve enough problems? Do you have a text book that only briefly illustrates a problem? Are you interested in becoming more proficient with your topics and understanding different ways in which a problem can be solved?

Do you have questions about decks, or structural members? Are you interested in knowing a little more?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this Construction Estimation Series, or College Mathematic Series will help you. The author has based this series on how students learn and the questions that were asked in classes.

You will get a STEP by STEP approach with **MULTIPLE SOLUTION **approach. You will become proficient in solving these types of problems. This series is written so that the student can learn without the use of a tutor. Topics covered in each eBook will be comprehensive. A small price to pay to have a confident edge in solving these types of problems!!

eBooks are very LOW PRICED and perfect for those inspectors who wish to know a little more about structures. There is even a set of eBooks on Land Navigation for those who enjoy the outdoors.

If you are a small contractor/inspector and want a definite EDGE then this Series will be of great benefit to you.

This posting is meant as an educational resource for anyone who might be interested in a **LOW COST **means to upgrade.