EBPHI Seeks Board of Directors Applicants

The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI) seeks three home inspectors to serve the profession as members of the Board of Directors for a two-year term beginning January 24, 2011. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2010. The application form is available at www.homeinspectionexam.org or by email request to info@homeinspectionexam.org.

The Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors� (EBPHI) is an independent not-for-profit organization whose mission is to establish the standard of competence for home inspectors and to enhance consumer confidence in home inspection professionals. EBPHI, founded in 1999, maintains and administers the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE), a content-valid examination for use by regulatory bodies in assessing competency for regulatory purposes.


EBPHI is governed by a board of directors whose members represent home inspectors and the home buying public. Directors are expected to:

  • At all times advocate and promote use of the National Home Inspector Examination in regulatory processes in their own states, in other states and in federal regulation as needed.
  • Promptly and thoughtfully respond to issues and concerns brought before the Board at any time.
  • Diligently strive to educate themselves on the science of psychometrics (test development), to ensure that the National Home Inspector Examination remains credible, valid, reliable and defensible.
  • Participate in two in-person meetings each year and in conference call meetings as needed.
  • Be available to present information about EBPHI and the NHIE to legislators, regulators, home inspectors and others to enhance acceptance of the examination.

Eligibility criteria
In accordance with EBPHI’s Bylaws and policies, home inspectors who wish to serve on the EBPHI Board must:

  1. Have passed the National Home Inspector Examination.
  2. Currently be an active, fee-paid home inspector and have been so for the past five years.
  3. Not engage in home inspector training, education or publication of training materials during their tenure, nor for a period of six months after leaving the Board. Exceptions may be granted by the Board of Directors.
  4. Demonstrate leadership qualities and experience within the home inspection profession.
  5. May not participate on any governing body of a national home inspector association while a member of the Board of Directors.
  6. Maintain absolute confidentiality in all matters pertaining to EBPHI.
  7. Be available and commit to participate in at least three-fourths of duly called board meetings.
  8. Possess education and/or training relevant to the home inspection profession and/or examination development.
  9. Be willing to submit to a background check of factual information presented in the Application.
  10. Submit a complete Board of Directors Application.

Application available
All interested home inspectors who meet the above criteria are urged to apply. The application form is available for download at www.homeinspectionexam.org ; by email to info@homeinspectionexam.org ; or by calling 847-298-7750.

How may directors do they have?

Who are they?

Who is the XO of the EBPHI?

Do you accept Canucks?

Everything you need to know is at http://www.homeinspectionexam.org. However, to go directly to the About Us page, go here and then click on EBPHI Board of Directors at the top of the page.


Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Kenmore, Washington
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202


I can’t speak for them, I’m not a member of their organization. I just posted the information here after they forwarded it to me to be posted to TIJ. I figure that there are probably a few folks over here as well that might be qualified and interested in participating.

The answers are probably on their site anyway.



Mike -

Other than the public member all either are OR have been ASHi members as has been usual.

Why they asking for others now.

Hi Dan,

Actually Fred Buck does not belong to any association, he has been on the board for several years. It is not often that openings to the board happen, I think the last was in 2007. Most endup serving their limit of 3 terms or 6 years. I will be cycling off this year after serving for 6 years on the board.

EBPHI has always tried to get members from all parts of the country regardless of their affiliation. One part of the selection process is a persons geographical location in relation to other board members. You don’t want everyone from the same part of the country.

[quote=“Scott_Patterson, post:7, topic:48837”]

Actually Fred Buck does not belong to any association,…/quote]Unless something has changed recently Fred is a member of the largest inspection trade association in Texas.

Gosh Scott, I must have made a mistake BECAUSE several of my older ASHI directories show Fred Buck as an ASHI member - MUST be a typo or mistake because its such a common name.

Hey Dan, we all make mistakes.

I think we have more than a few Fred Bucks around the country, but this Fred Buck from San Antonio has never belonged to ASHI. Fred Buck has been a Charter Member of the San Antonio Real Estate Inspector Association, SAREIA and SATAREI for over 25 years.

Anyone and everyone that meets the qualifications as listed are welcome to apply for the EBPHI Board of Directors.


Well, Scott can certainly answer better than I can because he’s on that board; but I don’t know what membership in any association has to do with it. I’m an independent and I couldn’t care less about one’s association politics; I’m more interested in the person, not the propaganda.

Just guessing, but I think they are probably tired of folks accusing them of being an ASHI shill when they are anything but. As far as I know, there’s never been any prohibition that said that only ASHI members could serve on the EBPHI BOD or in the exam writing sessions - only that those who do must have taken the NHIE and must meet their other criteria. They’ve announced open invitations before; but, so far, I don’t think any iNACHI guys have availed themselves of the opportunity to actually see what goes on.

Earlier this year, they sent out announcements that they were looking for folks willing to participate in the next exam-writing session. I would have thought that they would have been flooded with applications from members of the other associations besides ASHI, all eager to prove that EBPHI is in fact an ASHI shill by participating in the session, getting their proof, and then coming back to their respective associations to crow about it. Guess what, no takers.

Why not? Is it simply because it’s easier to believe a Messiah’s unverified pronouncements from on high than an inconvenient truth?


Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Kenmore, Washington
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202

Scott -

Just Got an email from Fred / My flup - You’re right.

I had talked to Fred by phone several times a couple of months ago.

Several months ago, Fred referred a gal who went to school with his daughters to me to do an inspection for her in KC. So this whole time, I’ve have been thinking he was the same Fred Buck that was an ASHI member for 10 years or so.

Turns out he’s NOT. Amazing / Whats the chance of 2 home inspectors BOTH being named Fred Buck / One being an ASHI Member, and the other being on the EBPHI that we started when I was still on the ASHI National BoD.


What is the question?


I guess you say that because most of the BOD and those writing the exam are ASHI members. Well, whose fault is that if they’ve been extending invitations to the entire field for years and the majority of those who respond are ASHI members?

If the presence of ASHI members on the BOD and in the exam writing sessions makes them ASHI, I guess one could say that technically, with the number of dual members that you have, that interNACHI is also really ASHI.

When are you people in the organizations going to stop your silly my weenie is bigger than your weenie nonsense and get down to making the profession better instead of bringing more and more people in who are only half trained and haven’t a clue?



Organizations, other than NACHI, lack relevance anymore.

Yeah, like spending time trying to regulate other professions and…wait, Mike and his crew have that covered. :roll:

I don’t know where you got the idea that I have a crew. If you examine the record, you’ll find that board has probably voted counter to my vote as often as they have not; so there is no way that they are my crew.

You should have paid more attention to who was arguing for your point of view and who was not during that meeting.

Nobody on that board is trying to regulate other professions; we’re only dealing with our mandate, which is home inspectors.

You happen to operate two different enterprises one a home inspection business and one a builder services business. Some inspectors are doing something similar with one company - a home inspection company - we are only trying to ensure that the line between performing warranty work for a builder and performing home inspections isn’t blurred by companies using either of these models as a way to skirt the law. If you can’t see that, than I’ve clearly misjudged how intelligent you are and a more apt term to describe you would be obtuse.

What I don’t understand, since you’ve let everyone here and elsewhere infer that you have no intention of getting a home inspector’s license, is why you keep taunting the board here and didn’t have the courage to really say what was on your mind at the meeting. If you’d displayed half the bravado at that meeting that you are displaying here, I’m sure the Chair would have let you exhaust yourself arguing. You didn’t.

If you are closing down Cascade Building Inspections all of this caterwauling will have been for nothing; because, unless you are inspecting homes after July 1st, nobody at DOL or on the board is going to care what you do.

However, the amount of protesting you’re doing here, on a board where you aren’t even a member but where you are obviously aware there are some folks who have issues with our board, seems to indicate that you either a.) are seeking approbation or simply have a need for attention or b.) have some other notion in mind - perhaps that after July 1st you intend to continue inspecting homes without a license and will test the system.

If a. is what you seek, I guess you calculated correctly because you’ll garner plenty of cheerleaders here from inspectors out-of-state who haven’t a clue about what is going on here but just love a good dogpile. If b. is your plan, good luck with that; let us know how it goes.

Keep in mind that the board has nothing to do with enforcement - that’s those professional investigators over at DOL. It’s my understanding that the guy who will be doing the investigations re. home inspections is a hard nosed retired police detective. I’ve got complete faith that he’ll do his job well; and that, if someone initiates a complaint against you and signs their name to it, that he’ll, investigate the complaint and then either dismiss it or cite you as appropriate.

So, don’t expect me to spend two seconds wondering whether you are crossing the line - I’ve got better things to do with my time. Just keep in mind that if you test the system it could be very very costly.

Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Kenmore, Washington
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202

I’ve already explained this in the other thread but I’ll say it again. I had the chance to speak at the BEGINNING of the meeting. It wasn’t until the middle/end section that I noticed the board was unfairly applying the proposed verbiage. That’s what has me so pissed, Mike. Once I realized this, my time to speak, at length, was up. When you review the audio, you’ll realize that I tried to speak back up when realizing the bias. I’ll point the specific time out when the audio is up. Be assured that I’ll “exhaust myself” on June 7th.

This is entirely untrue. I’m closing Cascade Home Inspections and keeping Cascade Builder Services open. The whole problem is that you ARE TRYING to “care” what I do under Cascade Builder Services. This is the ENTIRE problem I have. The verbiage says I’ll have to get a home inspector license if CBS performs quality walks. What planet have you been on?

I’m simply seeking opinions in the “Legislation, Licensing & Legal Issues” section of a home inspectors message board about home inspector licensing issues. I can’t think of a better place to discuss this. Can you?

I’ve made it pretty clear I’m not going to continue inspecting. I don’t know where you come up with this sh it.