Eco2000 ground source heat pump

Okay, never posted before, so hope it is correct!!! Have an inspection next week with Eco2000 ground source heat pump and need to know how to inpect this equipment. Pictures and /or explanations would be sooo helpful. I have been researching function on internet and somewhat understand, but don’t know how to operate and inspect.

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Please go into the control panel and add your location. It will help us answer your questions.


What’s the difference? A heat pump is a heat pump…


I’m not sure about the Eco200 bu a typical heat pump inspection is explained here…

The SOP should help you. Stick to it, and you can’t go wrong.

I guess what I am asking is if I need to do anything special if it is using hydro as heat source and is there a way to tell visually if it is vertical bored or horizontal loop without being present at construction.

All you are reporting on is whether or not it produces heat with the normal operation of the controls and, perhaps its age, size and manufacturer. Suggest to your client that they contact the AHJ for copies of permits and inspections to determine how it was built.

Never report what you cannot see.

Ditto what James say’s

Thank you James

You’re welcome.

Others may not agree, but you stand to gain nothing and lose a whole lot if you use your inspection reports as a tool to impress others with your “knowledge”.

Don’t want to impress anyone other than myself!!! Just like to understand what it is I am looking at. Thanks again.

THANK YOU! I agree completely.

Sorry, but that is not true.

Other than they both reverse refrigerant flow between heat and cooling, they are a different animal.


Turn it on, see if it makes heat or cooling in the appropriate season. Look for water leaks and you never want to see frost or ice anywhere.

Anything more than this is way outside the scope of a home inspection.