Economy Up 3.3% for 2Q

When they say home loans are becoming more strict, they should be saying that
we are going back to common sense. In the long run, it will be good for everyone

These speculation bubbles and easy loans cause too much boom and bust.

I hope you are right!

Meanwhile the majority of my Inspections are coming through shortsales or forclosures.

Right now , the hope of buying undervalued property , seems to be driving the market.

I am beginning to think you like to get attacked by the Doom & Gloomers;-) Believe me if you throw out any good news the S.I.T Club will jump on you faster than Tommy Lee would Pamela. You see, good news is not part of Dopey & OBidens theme or has it been in that party since the 80’s with the exception of the cigar toting Clinton years.:wink: So keep the good news coming and you can expect the same five guys to pound you. The sixth must still out inspecting or attending the “I am proud of my country the first time” convention :smiley:

It is the only way I know of to build $750K -to- $1M McMansions in the middle of nowhere and having people sleeping in their cars in the parking lot overnight waiting to buy. That is that way it was in more than 1/2 dozen developments here in Greater Tampa Bay in 2005 as new sections of desirable developments opened for sale. During that time it would not be uncommon to see an automatic price increase announced before the sales office opened that day.

Today these are the very same developments where +65% of the homes are bank owned and can’t be given away because of the exorbitant fees, taxes & insurance costs involved with owning one of these white elephants. That is the picture regarding single-family properties when you talk about condos well there the outlook is bleaker.

Really Randy, I’ve come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you are.

That means alot to me coming from you Joe! As if you have ever seen a decomposed body.

I realize it ain’t proper to laugh at you Christard NeoTurds but some things are too friggin’ funny.

Gustav Threatens GOP Convention Plans.

That is hilarious after reading about the right-wing so-called christians who were praying for rain at the Democratic Convention.



Thats not very Christian of you Joe


I hear it taste better the second time around…:mrgreen:*