EDI Chinese drywall inspector certification course.


Jim Bushart, Cassville, MO

Brian Smith
3900 Pelandale #420
PMB 152
Modesto, CA 95356

Thank You…Merry Christmas!

Kenneth Sitzes
Waterloo, Ill


Is this even a prize?

It says nothing about first to post.

was there a catch on e this one?

hahaha, you guys are nuts. He’s just posting a course.

pass. none of this drywall in Missouri

ormond beach, fl

iam in cal…if its just for Fl…guys then please give mine to a FL guy…

Did you win something?

Brians’ buying :wink:

OK I’ll take one then :wink:

Hey, I didn’t know Brian was buying, hell one more then. :mrgreen:

I have my 2 cents that I always post with…:roll:

sounds good

ed bancroft
brooksville fl