Edison Fuse Oddity

Hi to all,

I recently picked up a box of old Edison base fuses, they have a very unique “twist” that I have never seen before.

Can you guess what it is?

Sorry the picture is not too clear.




They’re threaded CCW.

Nope :smiley:

These are very strange birds




**These are very strange birds/**quote]

Oh…they can fly…

are they “illuminated”? an l.e.d. or something.???

Is it a fuse with multiple links you blow one and turn to the next click to a new link ?
Long time ago I saw one but do not remember what it looked like Roy sr.

Just like my decoder ring i got in a box of Batman cereal.:wink:


Roy is right, it is a fuse that has eight lives…interesting.

Miller Home Inspection

Pretty Cool.

I have found the pennies under the blown fuses within a panel.

I have not seen these.

Very cool Gerry, never seen one.:mrgreen:

Hi to all,

I knew someone of great age (oops sorry Roy I mean experience ;-)) would know what they are.

Harold well done that was my source I stumbled across the box of them on Ebay and bought them for my collection.

They are called Fuzate and are an 8 life fuse when one blows you just twist the top for a new connection.

These are UL listed and manufactured by the Fuzate coperation of Detriot Michigan. I am guessing they come from the 1920’s




My Dad never had any of those in the basement ( he did however warn me not to use pennies under the fuse though) When I as older we had the house rewired for breakers.
heres a little trick I learned on the road one night , fuse on the headlights blew and didn’t have another one so I used the foil from a gum wrapper around the old fuse temporarily, works in a pinch:shock:

If you ever owned an old Dodge you knew this trick. Anyone who has owned an old dodge kept a piece of tinfoil and a ballast resistor in the glove box. Saved my butt many more times than once.

these 8 in 1’s seem like the blend between a fuse and a breaker. someone was using there nugget on these. just thought of it too late in the game.

Yeah…and Gerry will send me one for my apprentice class…I have never actually seen these…but heard of them.

I am only guessing Gerry bought these himself back in the 20’s…lol