Educate me

Just curious, did you remove the panel cover and look for a GEC in the panel?

hi rob…here’s what i like to see and try to say it to my interested clients. I always open the panel and I like to see the neutral and ground bars bonded (main of course) I like to see and verify some kind of connection that grounds the box enclosure. I like to see at least one big fat copper wire that is clamped into the ground bar and exits the box and is connected to some means which, in my opinion, has a really great connection with mother earth. lightning rod, water pipe (which enters the earth via obvious conductor mataerial) etc. I just stick on that terminology since the clients appreciate it and I just flat out say I’m not that good at talking high tech impressive rhetoric of any kind. Just want to explain what I like to see. There is always somebody who points out that I’m wrong in some detail or another but I think if I establish that these things are happening, then I’ve served my customer. But I never will consider myself to know it all and appreciate all input which helps me improve and better serve my clients. you guys rock!
mike in MN