Education is Key

I really love the fact that InterNACHI makes all these CE’s required really pushes you to do better. Im a brand new member and home inspector in MI and these classes really make this career what it is.

Thank you InterNACHI for all your support to your members


More free, inspector training being added to all the time.

Welcome to the Organization Christopher.
You will find that Nick is just like Santa Clause providing us with new educational programs everyday.
He works 24/7 to provide us with all the education benifets we can possibly want. Well, his Elf’s do the work anyways. Nick just promotes them. :mrgreen:

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Im Cruising through the courses, all very informational. Thank you Nick for setting these up. absolutely love this.

the education and support by the members and InterNACHI is 2nd to none, you ask a question and boom the answers come from everywhere. Welcome!!

Yes, very cool Nick!

I am still fairly new to this industry and I am still learning. I have browsed through the courses. It is all very informative. I haven’t decided on my next move, but I know this forum has helped me in making many important decision already! I am glad I found it! :slight_smile:

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