Education: Where to start

Hello forum
I have been reading all day…I have had quite a good amount of experience w/ home inspectors…while living in Arizona prior to the huge housing boom, I participated actively in buying and selling homes. I have used some good inspectors, and some bad. Just to be upfront, I have done much searching of this forum and this site…and I have already seen the posts to the other newbies/prospective HI…so please don’t bother to repeat how hard it will be the 1st year etc…I am well aware of startups and their pitfalls.

I am going through my mid-life crisis…albeit premature. I have sold my 12 employee company in Arizona…sold too late btw…(sell at your peak, not in a valley!) and relocating to Colorado 4 years ago…I am finally getting around to starting over. I have continued to work within my industry but I am looking for something a bit less seasonal. I have done a good deal of construction related work in many fields over the years and did very well on your free online examination…well enough to pass that is 76 if you must know.

Today while visiting with my broker friend in his office, I mentioned to him (with my wife present) that I was considering HI as a career. He was ecstatic…he says he has had problems finding good inspectors as have the other realtors/brokers in his office and our town. I mentioned the approximate cost of education (again, with my wife present) and continued the conversation…on the way back to my office in the car, my wife said she gives me her blessing to pursue this if I want to. #1 obstacle overcome!

This (finally eh?) leads to my question:

I am in Colorado and have been researching the ITA course…yay or nay?
Any others?

Thanks in advance…more posts to follow, I like to keep my posts separate…hoe that’s ok?

ITA gets a “yay” from me.

Sprinklerguy, what are the requirements for CO? ITA has some good instructors, and taking their courses will help you pass the NHIE, if that is required in CO.

According to the ITA website, Colorado has zero legislative licensing requirements…

For me the course would help me with what to inspect…writing reports…that sort of thing…also credibility.

I have one realtor commited to helping me, I’ll be working on more of them! I noticed all my local guys talk about ASHI and exceeding their standards…that’s the other HI organization correct?

Thanks again…any other ideas? The class starts in 3 days and won’t have another for awhile or I can go to Fast Track middle of February…I’d really like t get started sooner than that…

I took the one week ITA course about 3 years ago and it was very helpful. There was more information than any normal human can absorb. I strongly recommend that if you are planning to take it sign up at least 3 to 4 months in advance. They will send you a case of information which you can study on your own before hand. Keep a notebook to jot down any questions so you can get answers during the course.

Good Luck.

I may be able to help, having been the founding president of Colorado’s NACHI chapter, if I could find out where in Colo you live?

BTW, what’s your name?


I’m sorry I haven’t filled out my profile :frowning:

I am in the Woodland Park area…I am going to update my profile right now…I was in such a hurry to post that I never did it…thanks Russell.

OK; go to
talk to any of the officers / members there. Phil G, Bryant W, Ken I, James W, all can give you good info.

Personally, I went to the school in SLC, but I’ve never heard anything negative about the ITA course.

There are no requirements in Colo.

Ask some of the guys who are an hour or 2 away from you if you can do ride-alongs. Practice on your home, plus a dozen more - friends & family.

Keep us posted, and best of fortune!


Thanks Russ…that link is dead :frowning:

I had planned on looking into the ridealong thing…think it will be as exciting as my Teller County Drug Bust Task Force ridealongs? :slight_smile:

Check out possible classes at community colleges. They are usually cheaper and, in my case, better.

Hope this helps;

I appreciate the Comm College idea…however time is of the essence. That could take some time and I really want to get started and head towards my goal of 100 inspections in '06.

Any idea of how much a person will get out of a correspondence or home study course? I realize it depends on a persons learing style etc…I am a big believer in hands on…I plan to go to my NACHI chapter’s very first meeting this Wednesday nite…and hopefully I can chat with some of them about my issues.

I am getting more and more pumped about this new career choice and can’t wait to get started. Thanks guys…for all the info and more info in the future :wink:

I am ready to join NACHI but my concern is since I am in NY, how can I get my licence. In other words how can I find inspection jobs to complete the State Requirement? can some body help me about that.
Nyack Ny