I am about to take the InterNACHI Standards of Practice course. But, I wanted to know before I begin; If I need to stop, will I be able to go back to the place I stopped? Or do I have to start over?

Yes. There is a navigation bar to the left of every page of the course.

Mike , we have open house at NACHI Chicago soon.
Hope to see you there.

Hi Michael,

if you stop during the course all you need to do is remember which section you stopped in and when you return to the course just hit the chapter (left hand havigation bar) and the the page that you were on.



Mike go for it…if it doesn’t work for You the first time You have nothing but gain to do it again…if You have questions ask…lots of answers here…best of luck…jim…

Bob, I sure am going to try and make it. Is it posted on the website?

Not yet.
The local site is lagging lately.