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Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

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Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant

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I had the good fortune of spending some time with Mark Ode at our Norhtwest Section IAEI meeting. He is not only an incredibley gifted electrical mind, but a hell of a good guy as well.

Thanks for the link Joe.

Ryan Jackson, Salt Lake City

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That'ws why I posted this link and would rely on the commentary, some of which does in fact bring into the discussion situations that are old enough to vote.

I can remember some of the same questions long ago during the early 70's, etc. Someday we will read the posts here, and in other archives and ask" "Who was that person? I never heard of him?"

I can remember a few such as: Artie Barker; DJ Clements; and so many others, they were the people that had a lot to do with the code and some of the changes during the last 10 cycles.

I realize that the articles here may not all be related to the subject of the NACHI SOP, but offered it anyway.

Never can stop learning and listen, yes?

July 2004


June 2004

The Abandoned Cable Dilemma

May 2004

The Ins and Outs of AFCI Protection

April 2004

Ground-Fault Protection Systems for Services

March 2004

Redundant Grounding in Patient Care Areas

February 2004

Installing a Service Disconnect

January 2004

Resizing Service of Feeder Loads

December 2003

Standby Systems Part II

November 2003

Standby Systems Part I

October 2003

Supplemental or Supplementary

August 2003

Lamps in the Damp

July 2003

Conductors Connected in Parallel

June 2003

Understanding Luminaires and Lamps

May 2003

NM Cables Installed in Temporary Installations

April 2003

More Than Just a "Gas Station"

March 2003

Motor-Operated Appliances - Connection and Disconnection

February 2003

Bonding the Hot-Water Piping System

January 2003
A Quick Means of Egress - Necessary Updates To 2002 Code

November 2002
Providing Sufficient Access and Working Space

November 2002
Lightning Protection, Then and Now

October 2002
Pool Codes Get Rewrite

September 2002
A Change in Motor Disconnect Locations

August 2002
Installing Smoke Detectors (Alarms) - Understanding listed equipment saves lives

July 2002
Bonding Water Piping - Is it a metal system or not?

May 2002
Field Marking of Arc Flash Hazards - Avoid workers' injuries, equipment damage

April 2002
Control Cables in Cables Trays

March 2002
Review Metal-Clad Cable Requirements

February 2002
Revisions Address Grounding Separately Derived Systems

January 2002
NEC Adds High-voltage Requirements

December 2001
What Does Article 300 Cover?

November 2001
Wiring in Ducts, Plenums and Other Air-handling Spaces

October 2001
Structured Wiring Systems - A New Concept or a Reincarnation?

September 2001
Installing Cable TV in a Nursing Home Facility

August 2001
Sizing the Main Bonding Jumper in a Service is Fairly Simple

July 2001
Low-Voltage Lighting - Listed Systems or Individual Field-Assembled Components?

May 2001
Classification of a Hazardous Location

April 2001
Temperature Limitations of Connection Must Not be Exceeded

Mar 2001
Understanding Snap Switch Installation Requirements

Feb 2001
The Differences between GFCI, IDCI, and FGPE

Jan 2001
Improperly Sized Conduit Bodies Can Lead to Conductor Damage

Dec 2000
Outside Branch Circuits or Feeders - Is a Separate Disconnect Required?

Dec 2000
Ensuring Backwards Compatibility of Cable Connecting Devices

Nov 2000
Installing Electrical Equipment in a Combustible Dust Location

Oct 2000
Overcurrent Protection for Motor Circuits

Sept 2000
Sizing an Equipment Grounding Conductor for a Tap

Sept 2000
Control, Signaling, and Communications by Light

Aug 2000
Supplemental Electrode - One or Two Required?

Aug 2000
Splices and Conductor Fill in Enclosures and Wireways

July 2000
To Ground or Not to Ground - That is the Question

June 2000
Fire Alarm Circuits Extending Beyond One Building

May 2000
Installation of Nonmetallic Sheathed Cable, Exposed or in a Raceway

April 2000
NEC Introduces New Communication System

Mar 2000
Conduit Fill and Ampacity Calculation for Low-Voltage Systems

Feb 2000
Separating Voice-data from Power Conductors

Jan 2000
Grounding Techniques for Low Voltage Systems

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant