educational materials

Does anyone have the link to Paul Abernatey’s training material? If you have used it. Do you have any comments about it?

When you link…do you mean our website at or the NACHI videos and so on. If you are looking for the NACHI videos then that is over on NACHI TV i believe.

As for the book “How To Perform Electrical Inspections” that’s not really anything to do with me anymore as I have not contributed to that since 2009.

It’s a link to your outside site. Question Paul, if I utilize your training information aren’t I exceeding many of my local code requirements? I’m in IN and we don’t have AFCI yet.

Kinda depends on the type of training you are looking for. If you are talking about the training I did many moons ago for Internachi (which I do not anymore) then that is likely on …otherwise I am not familiar with the other training information you are speaking of.

In terms of exceeding codes…I am not offering a lesson on how you install it, just the codes that relate to it…when training is outside of the scope of your local jurisdiction then you simply ignore that portion of the training.

I am a progressive code instructor in that I move forward when a new code is published and do not look back so any of my material will be based on the latest published National Electrical Code (2017). However, I do have material out there that dates back to the 2005 NEC floating around.

I teach minimum safety standards…hope that helps…as otherwise not much on here (Internachi) is authored by me expect my personal posts in this forum.