Educational Requirements

I am new to the Home Inspection business. So new, in fact, that my training won’t even start until next week. NACHI membership was part of my package and I am very impressed with all of the information out there. I am training through the Carson/Dunlop program online/correspondence. My question is, since I am not qualified or educated enough to take the quizzes by the dates on the Membership page, will I be penalized or kicked out of NACHI? I wanted to start my membership so I could work on the business and marketing aspect of my business while I completed my training. Does anyone have ANY advice on what course of action I can take to keep current on my responsibilities?
Thanks, Mike

Did you take and pass the entrance exam?

Send an e-mail to Nick at There are always exceptions to every rule. I can’t speak on an official basis as I have no authority to, however my feeling is that you will be shown reasonable flexibility.
Good luck, and welcome!


If your state does not have licensing, you can do anything you want, take the online courses here, and take the tests as often as you want if you have not passed them.

The only advise I have is do not do any paid inspections until you know exactly what you are doing.

Going with an inspector (ride-alongs) who has a lot of field experience is always a good idea.

But I have no idea what you know about buildings.

Thanks for the good information. I will send an e-mail to Nick and see what he has to say. Thanks again.

I am also new to this field but not new to the building trades. I need some suggestions on where to begin and how I can find an inspector to go along with in my area.

Start a new thread under “General” and you will get answers.

Mike, The InterNACHI system is set-up so that once you pass the entrance exam you can move forward and complete all the other requirements. It is designed to give new members time to meet the requirements. As long as you take it seriously, you will find that it is a fair system that ensures that InterNACHI members high quality inspectors without putting undue burden on the new inspector.