Educators please read

Member educators please check out and post your contact information on this members only thread (if you would). If you (or anyone else) knows of some non-member educators feel free to post their contact info there as well.

Paul W. Abernathy
1621 N. Liberty Street
Harrisonburg,VA 22802

1.) Electrical Inspections for Home Inspectors
2.) Electrical Defects for Home Inspectors
3.) NEC Code Updates - 1999,2002,2005
4.) Grounding and Bonding 101
5.) ICC Electrical Prep Training


Bill Merrell 63-563-7720

Herbert Johnson 631-563-7720

Len Ungar 631-495-5177

I posted a link to the members only section because I wasn’t sure that educators would like their addresses and phone numbers to be in a public area to get picked up by search engines and the like.