In light of the recent BC licensing, I think Harold has made a great statement…
Licensing or not; we need all the education we can get, on an on-going basis.

For InterNACHI and CaNACHI members to really benefit, InterNACHI needs to be recognised as a great source of education.

It is time to get all of InterNACHI education information in front of any legislators to make sure it is an accepted source of education.

InterNACHI is light years ahead of other associations in many areas for the online education. Make it count.

I suspect to make it valid, the exams will have to be “proctored”. Maybe Nick should put an appeal out for volunteer proctors. Course the proctors will need to be proctored themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

you are absolutely right, david!

Edumacation for the Canadian nation,
will halt career constipation!
And make Cannachi a great sensation…don’t you think?

…I’m backkkkkkkkkk!!!..