Effective immediately. New educational event financial loss gaurantee policy.

Lately there have been many behind the scenes arguments about what educators get paid at NACHI, what for-profit schools hosting NACHI events can keep, what NACHI chapter heads should do with extra money and whether event hosts and chapter heads are ever asked to pony up money personally.

We needed a policy.

With input from many members this week we formulated the following policy which is effective immediately. I believe it is very fair, does not infringe on the autonomy of NACHI chapters, guarantees payment to educators, protects hosts and chapters from financial loss, and allows hosts and chapters to keep extra money.


Please post your comments here as we are open to modifications.](“http://www.nachi.org/riskwithoutreward.htm”)

Thank you.
that should set the record straight about what is and what isn’t. It all sounds reasonable to me and allows the chapter to run as it sees fit.

Maybe this will finally resolve some important issues and get some of Will Decker’s moronic critics off of his back. He has helped the Chicago Chapter immensley (with the help of others in the oragnization) grow in leaps and bounds with a benefit to us all.

Wow, you never cease to amaze me! This will help all chapters keep education of members as the #1 priority.
Knowledge is power!
Earl Beahm, Atlanta Chapter President


Thanks. Just plain thanks.

I would like to point out that our Chapter members do the work. Pretty much equally. In numbers, there is power.

I started out, almost two years ago, in this profession. It is my third career.

Since then, I have been blessed by Russ, Rod, Dan, Patrick, Pat K., RR, Jeff Pope,Pail A., you, Nick, John B., Russ Spriggs, Paul Sabbados, Chris Morrel, Jae, Amy, Liza, Krystal, Joe F., David, Jeff, Bill W., and way to many to mention. (please don’t feel bad if I missed you. I could fill this site with all the names.)

As I have always said, the poewer of NACHI is in the rank and file, the membership, the “grunts”. If every NACHI member spent 1 hour a month doing something, according to the gifts they were given, that would be 9,000+ man hours a month.

Take a moment to think about that.

OK. We bicker on the board and talk out of turn and try to play dominance games sometime, but that is not the real NACHI.

The real NACHI is a bunch of schnooks who try to de their mest with what they have.

This is NACHI.

Nice !!!