Efflorescence along the foundation wall, just below stucco

I inspected a home, slab on grade, the road way was upgrade from the home. The south facing side of the homes foundation had efflorescence all along the foundation just below the stucco. I also see were they repositioned the condensate line for the AC three times before its assumed final locationI I’m not sure if the efflorescence is ground water or the battle they had with the condensate line. Any thoughts??

Robert, some pictures would help us all understand better.

Thank You,

Bob Young

Youngs Home Inspection, LLC



Thank You,

Bob Young

Youngs Home Inspection, LLC



Is there a sprinkler system?

No none what so ever and nothing to water it’s desert scape

I would comment that there is evidence with the efflorescence that there has been an ongoing water issue. You can remark on if there was water present at the time of the inspection. Also you can mention that the grading needs slope away from the foundation. The condensation line may need drainage similar to a gutter downspout if there are not any other conditions contributing to the water accumulation.

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Thank you Spencer, that is essentially what I said on my report. The realtor that gave my client my info, met us there at the end of the inspection. He commented, “ that he had some concerns, and it was good to have a professional look at the property Incase something” goes horribly wrong in the future and Bob has to come back and put a foundation under the place. Kind of makes you wonder how our realtors represent us. I didn’t like having the scapegoat ball passed to me. Recommend further evaluation by qualified landscape or drainage contractor was the last line of my commentary on this issue. Also I drove the neighborhood and saw the same condition on three more houses same side of the street same grade plane.

It’s nice to have a forum where we can bounce ideas off each other.

Thanks again, much appreciate you chiming in.


Don’t even know where to begin here but, look at your photos. Does it look like anything is wicking up? Looks to me like it’s all coming from above.

What? Did you explain to him that that would be completely ridiculous?

Hope you didn’t really do that. You should know better.

How do you know?

Please explain.

Gee, I wonder, does it ever RAIN where this home is at??

I considered that, but thought, because it’s slab on grade water pooling on the backside of the footer, and below the slab, the efflorescence might indicate the moisture is traveling through the concrete and not just washing down the inside of the stucco. Does that seem logical? As an inspector it seems to me to be my job to call it out rather than diagnose it. But it’s cool to theorize what is going on there

[quote=“ryoung25, post:11, topic:152005”]
I considered that, but thought, because it’s slab on grade water pooling on the backside of the footer[/quote]

Yup, cool is cool. Good luck Robert :smile:

Thank you Stephen, Who knows how long I may have made that blunder. To think calling a footing a footer in a forum for home inspectors, but lucky for me my man Stephan had my back. Thank you brother. Crisis averted :grinning:

Here’s the bottom line…
Masonry (in all it’s forms) is like a sponge. It absorbs moisture.
When the source of the moisture is removed, it releases it back to the atmosphere.
When the moisture evaporates from the surface of the masonry, it leaves behind the salts and minerals contained within the moisture, also known as Efflorescence.

Condensation line would be my bet.

Another picture, wide, a few steps back? is there only efflorescence at this area?

Beach pebble tents to carry lots of salt, FYI. Maybe there is some beach pebble.


All along the one wall back of the home. I could see that they moved the condensate line three times, Once exiting from the garage, through a hole in a soffit vent and once pictured here. So much insulation that I couldn’t follow it to be sure which one was active. Not warm enough yet to run AC so none were active at the time of the inspection. I also made sure that it wasn’t due to missing kick out flashing along the roof line,